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     All that is really needed is a compass, mechanical ASI, VSI, ball/skid/, tach, oil temp, oil pressure, and CHT display.  An electronic multifunction device can also used.

     We suggest not to invest in a high tech EFIS when an in panel ipad dock or in panel ifly gps when used in conjunction with a gps/ahars/adsb in device like a Stratux, provides all the features of an EFIS at a fraction of the cost, and is easily upgraded.  As these devices consume very little power, you can install a wind generator, (instead of an electrical system) and never have to worry about a transponder again. 

     If you choose an EFIS or other electronic instrumentation then we highly recommend you purchase from a manufacture in your home county or as close as possible.  International support, shipping or an understaffed local sales desk and warehouse can become a headache real fast. 

If you live in the United States, Canada or Mexico, then look at Ifly GPS, UMA Instruments, Belite, Grand Rapids, and Dynon.

Used instruments, and electronics can be found on Barnstorms, and eBay, or preferably puchased from friends as they "upgrade" to high dollar EFIS systems. 
Our recomendation is to keep instrumation simple and to a miniumum.
A simple electronic multi function device can save a lot a space, and money. 
Left to right:  MGL, Belite, UMA
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