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There are many covering options available to the home builder.  We recommend:

1.) Oretex:  Ultimate weight savings, easy repair, quick installation.  Oretex will get you in the air faster and lighter.  All this comes at a price.  The highest price. FAA Approved system.

2.) HIPEC:  Ultra high strength, high gloss, excellent show stopping finish, relative ease of installation (fewer coats and steps required vs other systems), and competitive pricing.  FAA Approved system.
This is our #1 recommended system for most builders.

3.) Stewart Systems: Non-toxic, durable competitive prices, decent finish.  FAA Approved system.

3.) Latex House Paint:  No kidding.  Ultra low price, durable easy to repair, good to excellent finish depending on your willingness to test, prep, and polish.

Fabric is applied with 3M 30NF glue, then primed with multiple coats of thinned Glidden Gripper primer (to encapsulate and mechanically bond to the fibers of the fabric.

The fabric is then typically sprayed with high gloss latex exterior house paint, or high gloss exterior latex enamel that has been thinned with water or windshield washer fluid.

For a smooth high gloss finish the latex is typically polished.

Do your research,  there is great EAA webinare on the topic, YouTube videos, and variouse webpages.
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