In many ways today is the best time to build an airplane.  The internet is full of resources, building tips, blogs, and websites where individuals share their knowledge and (more importantly) experience on a verity of topics related to home building. Everything from making the perfect or merely functional wing rib jig, to scarfing joints, to wiring up a high tech EFIS.  It's all there at your finger tips.

     Building your own airplane can be a deeply rewarding endeavor that a patient and thoughtful man can do with friends and family.  You will find that with a little encouragement you can get your children or grandchildren off the computer or tablets and into the real-world doing things (fairly normal 50 years ago) that most modern parents would never think possible.

To help in the build the Cub Major and Majorette plans comes with:
     -Equivalent Standards Manual for customers who use the metric system
     -The Cub Major or Majorette Plans Manual
     -General Building Instructions of Home Built Aircraft
     -Luton Major a Two Seater Aircraft For Amateur Construction.

We highly recommend the following DVDs from

Beginner's Wood Aircraft Construction

Electrical Wiring 101

Fuel System Plumbing

We also recommend "Sportplane Construction Techniques" and "the Sportplane Builder: Aircraft Construction Methods" by Tony Bingelis.

That's a Double Eagle Wing rib being glued with Tightbond (typical for Double Eagles and Leagle Eagles).  The Cub Major should only be built with T-88 (recommended), Resorcinol, or Weldwood Plastic Resin.  Just be sure to get a box of little rubber gloves!  
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