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Make those grass strip hangar dreams come true!  You don't need to pay $20K for a hangar door.  The Ultimate Door is inexpensive, and easy to build and install.  The end result is a strong, lightweight door, and a light-filled hangar at a fraction of the price of a heavy, expensive, power dependent steel door.   

Off grid?  No problem!  The Ultimate Door is counter weighted and can be easily opened with a manual wench. 

Most materials (wood, hardware) can be purchased locally, saving on freight. 

The booklet consists of construction drawings and assembly procedures that show you, step by step, how to construct your door.

Originally designed by Bob Ladd, this door has been sold for over 30 years to many satisfied customers across the country.  This is a rugged, yet light-weight overhead aircraft hangar door that is easy to operate.

The advantages of this unique one-piece door include the ability of using hangar floor space right up to the door; when in the raised position it provides an awning-like projection for protection from sun and rain; when closed, sunlight is diffused through the translucent fiberglass panels, making the hangar interior bright without added utility costs. 

Construction/Plans Booklet are $49
USA Only 

INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL:  $39 for one week only! 
The Ultimate Door for you airplane, tractor, RV, boat, or workshop.
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